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Nana and Papa were naturists. We had the run of the farm. We played with the animals and went swimming every day. We had a great summer. We were naked most of the time. My sister and I were as brown as berries.


Mom never tirl a word about it. We went back for a month the next summer and again had a ball. Papa died that winter. Nana had to sell the farm so Sugprise never got another Surrprise to be naturists. Nana was in her sixties and the only other female I saw naked was Surprise nude girl seven year old Surpeise. Come with me tomorrow and Surrprise guarantee you will see Helena svedin nude bangable, babelicious naked females. He said, "I'll drink to that. I know a redhead you'll drool Surprise nude girl. She's throwing the nudw party. The fun starts at 2: It was in the sparsely populated gilr country outside of Philadelphia.

This area was all farms gitl stables with the neighbors well down the road. The long, winding driveway further emphasized the house's secluded location. Nell greeted her with a hug at the door. She was naked except for an apron. So glad you could make it. The weather is cooperating. It's warm and sunny. She said, "Follow me to the kitchen. As you can tell by my garb, I've been making us lunch. We'll grab our plates and eat on the patio. She had left the apron in the kitchen. Lisa was still dressed. As she set her food down, she asked, "Should I take these off now?

She smiled warmly and said, "No worries. Do whatever you like, whenever. I'm naked because I want to be. We have the place to ourselves. The 'rents are at the club and my brother told me he had a pool party to go to this afternoon. They got along famously. Lisa felt very comfortable around Nell as if she had known her for years. After lunch, she stripped without any concerns. The girls headed to the pool to lay out. Lisa didn't comment one way or the other after Lisa disrobed. Her smiles were just as warm and genuine. She came out with towels, floppy hats and her suntan kit. Lisa was moving a lounge chair. Now they're aligned with the sun. The women quietly coated the front of their bodies.

Their malleable breasts rippled and bounced as they rubbed in the lotion. Nipples hardened at the touch. Lisa said, "Our breasts might be the same size, but yours are more rounded, pert. Men like puffy nipples.

Well, if you can believe my brother. He raves about them. You're lucky, you also have large, womanly areolas. I Surpgise have tiny, dime-size nipples like a ten year-old. I've got wide, child-bearing hips and a fat ass. You're a size six for goodness sake. Your hips give you Free cam chat nederland attractive gidl shape. I'm a girl without any curves. Your butt is fine. I hear boys like a little junk in the trunk. Lisa luxuriated grl the sunlight.

Skrprise said, "I've forgotten how nice it is nuds feel the warm sun and light breezes Cam card credit no sex web bare skin. Nell said, "Time to turn over. Gorl minutes per side. My mom swears by it. The parts of nuce chest that normally Sur;rise see the sun, are a little red. He says that when you're sunbathing, every twenty minutes you need to have at least one beer. The girls toasted each Skrprise and enjoyed the chilled brew. Nell let loose gril particularly unladylike belch giro then said, giel down gurl I'll put lotion on your back. Nell Surprisse over over and applied the sunscreen nuce. She wasn't hesitant to touch the other girl.

Surpriss boobs," she said playfully as she coated Lisa's pale flesh and caressed the side of her boobs. Then she went to work on her friend's Skrprise and butt. Nud slipped a hand into Lisa's butt crack. She touched her anus Surprise nude girl her sex. She flinched and closed her legs trapping Nell's hand. These area are the worst possible places to have a sunburn and the most susceptible since they never see the sun. Newbies, often neglect to protect them. I'm sorry if you find this uncomfortable, but I have to be certain giro these tender areas are protected. She should have know better, Nell had been nothing but kind and gracious to her.

She apologize, "I'm sorry for how I reacted. I can honestly say no girl has ever touched me like that. Will you do me, now? Here's your chance for payback," Nell said with an infectious giggle. Lisa took the bottle of lotion and did as Nell had done, including touching her nether region. The difference was Nell didn't flinch. She spread her legs, sighed and enjoyed being caressed. You have a gentle touch. Thanks for being so thorough. FYI, I have built up my tan over years. My boobs and sex aren't in danger of being sunburned, but I enjoyed your touch. Suddenly, she was very embarrassed for having unnecessarily groped the other girl.

The women lay down and let the sun do its job. The timer went off and they rolled over. Lisa had gotten over her embarrassment of touching Nell. She showed it by saying, "Ah the bell again. Nell, if you need me to, I will cop a feel of your breasts and finger your sleek pussy, but first I need another beer. She got up to get the beer and said, "Thanks for the offer, but I am saving myself for my husband. The women chatted and drank the cool beverage. They each reapplied their own lotion and lay down on their backs. The heat and the alcohol caused each of them to doze. Lisa sprawled out on the lounge. Her legs were askew. One foot rested on the ground. Nell's parents strolled out to the pool.

They were, by habit, nude. Her mother, Ruth, said "Hello ladies, enjoying the sun? They each woke and looked toward the voice. Lisa was embarrassed to be discovered nude by Nell's parents. She was horrified to discover her legs were apart meaning her pussy was on display. She moved quickly, bringing her legs together and brought an arm up to her breasts. She succeeded in covering her nipples. Nell did not move to cover any of her body. She casually said, "Hi Mom. It was obvious where their eyes were focused. His wife giggled and said, "Come on, admit it.

Ruth said, "Girls, there is nothing wrong with those balls or anything in that vicinity, I might add. Your father was having a problem controlling his golf balls. He was playing poorly today because he was worried about something at work, so we decided to come home early. Sorry, Mom and Dad, this is Lisa. She's in the summer fashion program with me. Lisa, my parents, Roger and Ruth. And that no one that doesn't want to be unclothed has to be naked at our house? She had her legs clenched and she was attempting to hide her boobs. She lowered her arm and uncovered her breasts. Nell's parents were pleased to see the woman relax. Roger went up to her, extended his hand and said, "Hello, I'm pleased to meet you.

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